February 12, 2017

Asset Inspections

ITpipes is configurable to meet your needs for asset inspections.  Here are just a few of the asset types ITpipes gets used to inspect!

Manhole Asset Inspections

Manhole and structure inspections inside ITpipes allow for location awareness, and condition assessment, as well as inflow/infiltration review. Tablets in addition to laptop solutions, are available for full mobility, with configurable manhole inspection forms. Complete inspections auto sync to ITpipes Web, Desktop or Cloud for review and QA/QC as well as delivery to engineers for decision making.

CCTV Sewer/Storm Asset Inspections

ITpipes is camera agnostic and works with all mfr’s hardware.  We have multiple templates, which include several compliance systems. This gives users the option to configure custom templates for their specific tracking needs.  A simple setup to organize planning, scheduling, life cycle or other info then easily ties these details into GIS and AMS. ITpipes Desktop and ITpipes Mobile are NASSCO certified, SPICAP certified and CH2MHill SCREAM compliant.

CCTV Lateral Asset Inspections

Whether using a lateral launch camera off a mainline system, such as those provided by IBAK or Rausch, or a push camera, ITpipes can simplify your inspection process. With launch cameras, simply toggle between inspection videos in order to launch your lateral inspection with asset info already populated. With push cameras, info can be input using CCTV Mobile with full video recording or Mobility on a tablet, with later video linking or immediate snapshot capture.

Laser Reporting

ITpipes imports laser info to track pipe profiles. This includes degradation, relining or repair needs and other details in order to provide full assessment capabilities, viewing of laser ring, measurement mode and profile. Accordingly, ITpipes integrates your laser report with CCTV inspection details.

Sonar Reporting

ITpipes works with Marine Electronics hardware to incorporate sonar data into inspections. Marine Electronics provides hardware to multiple cameras including RS Technical Services, Cues, as well as others. Once sonar data is inside ITpipes, comprehensive reporting and analysis is available.

Outfall Inspections

ITpipes has forms that easily adapt to your required permitting reports. Data collection can be done with Mobility or ITpipes Mobile on a laptop. ITpipes provides easy to use tools for single reporting and comprehensive outfall management.  With the ability to report and plan on maintenance and structural repair needed, as well as track inspection follow-up,

Panoramo® SI Reporting

ITpipes fully integrates with the IBAK Panoramo® SI downhole inspection system to provide unfolded, cloud point, video and imagery for inspections.  Used in the field for capture/assessment and in the office for assessment and analysis, the impressive deliverables provide comprehensive review and analysis tools.

Panoramo® 360 Reporting

ITpipes fully integrates with the IBAK Panoramo® system to provide unfolded, video, and imagery for inspections.  Used in the field for capture/assessment and in the office for assessment and analysis, the impressive deliverables provide comprehensive review and analysis tools.

Smoke & Dye Reporting

ITpipes can track all your smoke and dye testing activities with individual line testing information for your overall inventory. Details such as images of visible smoke, to include with your completed report, encourage easy follow-up activities. Ratings for smoke, info on drain area, and other details can be compiled in SmartTabs for overall system planning.

Grout Inspection

This module tracks grouting info, auto tallies grout reports, and has unique PDFs to provide summary grout results. Use our SmartTabs to dynamically update tallies for grout used, joints failed, and other info.


With integrity awareness for gas distribution systems becoming a requirement, ITpipes has easy solutions for companies performing cross-bore inspections. Simple deliverables using Sync provide instant review capability for QA/QC staff and in turn, quick deliverables and notification of elimination requirements.

Dam and Levee Inspections

Utilize ITpipes with default or custom templates for dam and levee inspections. ITpipes integrates with CCTV, laser, sonar or other equipment in order to provide comprehensive visuals with inspection detail. Users can easily track single or regional projects in order to plan maintenance or repair.

Inclination Reporting

ITpipes can be used with inclination hardware to monitor slope or angle of a pipeline.  Completed reports provide actual readings and an average for decision making.

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® Panoramo is a registered trademark of IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH & Co KG.