September 12, 2020

Cartegraph + ITpipes

When it’s in ITpipes, it’s in Cartegraph.

Inspections when and where you need them.

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Assigned Work Orders Sync

Work orders assigned in Cartegraph are pre-populated in a to-do list that displays in ITpipes Mobile.

Complete Inspection Sync.

Inspections completed in ITpipes Mobile are uploaded to ITpipes Web and Cartegraph. The upload can include all asset detail, asset inspection detail, and observation detail.

Automated OCI in Cartegraph.

Completed inspections in ITpipes have scoring that matches Cartegraph’s OCI of 10-100. This provides the OCI in Cartegraph for completed tasks and planning and budgeting!

Rescheduled Work is Reorganized.

Live in the field, Insepctors can pull assignments from other staff for completion. Sync tracks and finalizes this, uploading and adjusting info automatically inside Cartegraph

Inspection Access for all Cartegraph Users.

ITpipes Viewer can be launched direct from within Cartegraph. This gives comprehensive inspection information access to all Cartegraph users.

Check our out Feature Expo Video here!