Creature Features!

Sewer monsters? Red Balloons? Clowns? Ducks? Interested in ITpipes SWAG?

Over the years we’ve seen all kinds of creatures in the sewer/storm drains and if you’ve got them, we want them! We’ve seen pigeons, crocodiles, ducks, and of course that wonderful dog rescue video from City of Fort Worth! So, this is the newest way to get that great ITpipes SWAG!


ITpipes is looking for short videos of any critters you have encountered during your inspections using ITpipes software. The videos need to have a minimum resolution of 640×480 with sufficient lighting and lens clarity for clean viewing. The videos should also be “in good taste” for consumption by the general public, we don’t want to scare the kids!


Prizes will vary depending on the quality and unique aspect of your video, so the better the video the better the prize! Sample prizes include pens, bottle openers, key chains, tshirt, polo, water bottle, coffee mug, etc.

Submit Your Video

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