Technology is Key at Downstream Services!

Victor and Wilma Roberts’ Escondido, California-based firm has nearly doubled in size over the past decade, much of which has been plagued by the worst economy in America since the Great Depression. Clearly, the couple is doing something very right.

The company was built from an idealistic concept and a desire “to make sure our coastal and inland waters remain drinkable.”

It all bounces back, Victor Roberts says, to the Clean Water Act and how important clean water is for the nation as a whole. Having inherited a reverence for the natural world from his father — who wrote books on the flora and fauna of Baja California, and discovered some new species — Roberts isn’t shy about sharing his opinion on human responsibility to the environment.

“For us to be able to continue living on the land, our waterways need to remain clean,” he says.

Roberts picked up his dad’s mantle and decided to do something about it when he founded Downstream Services.

Downstream offers comprehensive pipeline inspection, cleaning and repair, as it did in the beginning. Since then the company has taken the next logical step in its evolution, now also serving as contractors who operate and maintain municipal and government agency wastewater systems, including instrumentation, pump repair and maintenance.  Click here to read more.