Envirosight + ITpipes = Luckinbill and Adaptable CCTV Services

In Oklahoma, Luckinbill Inc. has adapted its CCTV skills to meet a variety of applications to help a variety of communities.

We’re honored to work with Luckinbill and Carl Felder! They’ve used ITpipes since 2011 and had this great article done on how adaptable their services are, we love being a part of that!

A sewer drainage issue is the last thing you want in a surgical center. Doctors — and those in their care — like to keep things clean. In fact, when Carl Fielder, the video inspection coordinator for Luckinbill Inc., paid a visit to the clinic to inspect the center’s drain system, he and his team were asked to wear paper coats, booties and goggles, and cover their heads and facial hair. Their ROVVER X inspection crawler received a deep clean and was covered in plastic wrap. 

Luckinbill had not been the center’s first call; a local plumber had already used and broken a snake in the problem pipe. But Fielder, his expert team and their nimble ROVVER X were up to the job. Soon enough they found the snake; upon going further down the line they located the source of all their problems: a broken pipe. To everyone’s relief, the break was outside the building and could be repaired without further disruption to the surgical floor. 

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