Pipeline Planning at the City of Monrovia!

The City of Monrovia implemented a pipeline inspection program using ArcGIS Online and ITpipes Web to show incoming inspection locations, assign new work, and progress tracking for each contractor. Learn how they were able to gain actionable intelligence for decision making on pipe inspection rehabilitation and planning.

This 45 minute video showcases the following:

  • Introduction from ESRI staff Christa Campbell and David Totman (now Innovyze).
  • Review of Monrovia’s Infrastructure Renewal Project and Challenges
  • Setup and implementation of ITpipes with related features
  • Reporting with live mapping integration
  • Recap

Speakers included: Jeff Burns from Merrell Johnson, Cori Criss & Eric Breitigam from ITpipes, and ESRI’s Christa and David.

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Merrell Johnson