July 11, 2016

ITpipes Desktop


ITpipes Desktop provides a comprehensive toolkit for successful management of your underground inspections. Sharing inspections collected with ITpipes Mobile/CCTV or Mobility, Desktop installs use your system resources for unrestricted access to your inspections. Use our powerful tools for data organization and management at your PC, accessing data from local servers or ITpipes Cloud.

Desktop Monitor

 ITpipes Desktop

Features & Benefits

  • Used with ITpipes Mobile/CCTV or Mobility, Desktop provides comprehensive features for inspection review, analysis, sharing, reporting, and integration.
  • With full functionality for inspection review and editing, Desktop provides access with your local PC system’s resources to modify and perform QA/QC on collected underground inspections.
  • Organizing inspections has never been simpler. Use tools such as simple search, filtering, and querying. In addition to using sorting, and grouping.
  • Powerful pipeline inspection analysis is available using ITpipes SmartTabs© for unlimited filtering and querying with drill-down access for detailed reports. Easily export your reports to excel or other formats for simple inspection sharing.
  • Single-click deliverables are easily created and used to share inspections. ViewIT, a stand alone app, for inspection review provides an impressive deliverable for users to quickly review inspections.
  • With ViewIT inspections can be viewed one at a time or side-by-side for inspection comparison.
  • ITpipes has over 25+ inspection reports that are configurable for easy to understand printouts and visuals.


Features & Benefits

  • With the GIS Mapping add-on, the following features are available:
    • Search, sort, and grouping tools quickly provide intelligent results that are mapped with ArcMap Basic or higher.
    • With various GIS tools, users can toggle to maps for location awareness decision making.
    • SmartTabs are automatically updated and can be displayed on ESRI® maps for location visuals for single inspections or your filters and queries.
    • Compare GIS to current asset inspection details for discrepancy reporting and/or updating of the geodatabase files.
  • With AMS/CMMS Integration add-on, the following features are available:
    • With integration to AMS/CMMS, your inspections are where you need them, when you need them. Whether using Lucity®, Cityworks®, IBM’s Maximo®, Accela® or other, this automated integration happens behind the scenes. ITpipes Web with asset management integration provides powerful, automated features for inspection scheduling, tracking, quality control, and review.

System Software


  • Windows 7x or higher
  • With the Mapping/GIS add-on, this requires ArcMap basic or higher.
  • With the AMS/CMMS Integration add-on, this requires appropriate licensing for your asset management system.

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