July 11, 2016

ITpipes Mobility

Rapid, Portable Field Inspections.ITpipes Mobility runs on your smart devices for rapid, portable field inspections.

ITpipes Mobility simplifies in the field inspections for underground assets by giving you portable inspections on an android tablet or phone device! For streamlining your quick inspections, Mobility is the ultimate tool to save you time, tracking, management, shuffling paper and more. Increase your efficiency, accuracy and productivity with Mobility today!

Mobility works with various manufacturers equipment, such as digital, manhole inspection, or other down hole type cameras.

Mobility expedites the inspection process by simplifying data entry and automating features needed in the field. Synchronize inspections automatically after quick field-work on your tablet or smart device. Consequently, reducing end of day reporting and administration time.

  • Eliminate time wasted using paper, notebooks, or other media that are often physically misplaced, damaged and disorganized.
  • Rapid inspections are made using touch screen graphics for assets or drop-down forms.
  • Pre-populated information minimizes field data entry and also expedites data collection.
  • Inspections can include images or video created on your smart device.
  • Schedule work assignments from ITpipes web, desktop, GIS, or your asset management system.
  • ITpipes Mobility syncs directly into ITpipes Web, ITpipes Desktop, and/or ITpipes Cloud.
  • Schedule Syncing of complete inspections automatically or on-demand.
  • Inspections or work assignment can sync on-demand or as scheduled.
  • Reviewers, back in the office, have immediate access to completed inspections in ITpipes Web, Desktop, GIS, or your asset management system.
  • Use Mobility for manhole, down hole, well, culvert, dam and levee, and other “single point” asset inspections.

Inspections automatically transfer into the office for comprehensive reporting and review. With automatic integration to mapping/GIS and asset management systems, inspections are available where and when you need them.

ITpipes Mobility Requirements

  • For detailed requirements, request a SolutionSite login and click here.
  • Android device with 4.12 or higher installed.
  • For internal hosting an IIS web server.

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