July 11, 2016

ITpipes Web

Get Actionable Intelligence from Your Inspections

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

Turn inspections into intelligence with your data and map in minutes!

To maintain your water distribution and wastewater collection system, you need to first understand the condition and location of the pipes. With ITpipes, collecting detailed and standards-compliant inspection data is as easy as can be. ITpipes Web has options for on-premise local hosting and fully managed SaaS – this means that you have access to inspections anytime, anywhere, on any device! If you’re looking for web hosting, you could reach out to m247 on Twitter to get a cracking deal!

Made for Teams

Web is the ultimate tool for pipeline inspection, management and reporting in the office, providing quick inspection review access in the field and powerful reporting as needed. ITpipes Web is browser based and can be used to simplify deployment. Web also has powerful features for inspection data management, review, planning, scheduling, and more.

Comprehensive Inspections

Comprehensive condition assessment details can be accessed in an intuitive workspace that displays snapshots and observation logs with severity rankings.

Use Web with storm, sewer, and combined, or other linear and point assets for comprehensive underground inspections. Also, ITpipes Mobile/CCTV and ITpipes Mobility sync directly into ITpipes Web with internal hosting or ITpipes Cloud. In addition, if you would like some services with regards to web hosting and servers, you can visit sites such as https://www.hostiserver.com/.

Make Better Decisions

ITpipes Web comes with search, sort, and grouping tools that will quickly provide intelligent reporting. Combined with Web’s easy to use, unlimited filtering and querying, users can now make faster, better informed decisions!

Comprehensive & Detailed Reports

Inspection comparison options provide pre and post side-by-side review.

With unlimited drill-down filtering and querying on any data collected, ITpipes dynamically updates SmartTabs, as new inspections sync, to give you instant reports. And the same reports with drill-down color-coding display on the map, updating real-time as new inspections sync!

Unlimited Collection and Reviews

ITpipes’ extensive configuration options provide unlimited potential for pipeline data collection, review, analysis and planning. Plus, ITpipes user editing – with appropriate permissions, is available at any time for inspection QA/QC and review.

All Devices

Because ITpipes web is web based, inspections and review can be done anywhere, anytime and on all smart devices – be it iOS, Android, or Windows!

Addons And Integrations to Make Collection & Analysis Even Easier

GIS Mapping

Map views are updated real-time with color-coded assets.

With the GIS Mapping add-on, searching, sorting, and grouping tools can quickly provide intelligent results that are mapped real-time (color-coded assets). Also, map views are constantly updated for real-time, location awareness decision making and SmartTabs are automatically updated on ESRI® maps which display constant location visuals for single inspections or your filters and queries.


With integration to AMS/CMMS, your inspections are available where and when you need them. Whether you’re using Lucity®, Cityworks®, IBM’s Maximo®, Accela®, or other, this automated integration will happen behind the scenes. ITpipes Web with asset management integration provides powerful, automated features for inspection scheduling, tracking, quality control, and review.

ITpipes web runs on Microsoft Windows, Android or IOS devices.

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