July 11, 2016

ITpipes Mobile/CCTV

Boost Inspection Footage & Performance.

ITpipes in your cctv mobile inspection unit expedites pipe inspections!ITpipes mobile expedites pipeline inspection surveys and boosts inspection footage and performance. Working with various pipeline inspection systems, ITpipes improves your data collection quality and speed, while streamlining your administration efforts. ITpipes mobile is NASSCO certified, SPICAP certified and CH2MHill Scream compliant.

ITpipes is fully compatible with standard CCTV systems like Cues, RS Technical, Aries, Envirosight, and higher end systems such as Rapidview Ibak’s high definition cameras and Panaramo 3D systems (mainline and SI manhole).

ITpipes Mobile/CCTV Requirements

  • Use ITpipes Mobile on a laptop, tablet or full-size PC.
  • Mobile pipeline inspection software does require connectivity to the camera system for overlay/text generator control or use of ITpipes software based overlay/text generation. ITpipes is compatible with various camera systems, for more info, click here.
  • Mobile requires video capture capability and ITpipes works with multiple off-the-shelf devices that can be purchased through online retailers.
  • Hard-wired or laptop connectivity to the office is highly recommended.

ITpipes Mobile – In the Field

  • ITpipes is easy to learn with an intuitive workspace, which equals fast inspector training!
  • Hotbuttons© expedite observation/inspection logging.
  • Automated digital voice-over minimizes operator audio.
  • Use auto-generated PDF reporting for printouts or emails and fast inspection sharing.
  • Single-click inspection sharing, with a desktop viewer, to flash drive or media for on-site delivery.
  • ITpipes Sync for end of day and project reporting saves field crews time and effort!
  • ITpipes Mobile/CCTV syncs directly into ITpipes Web, ITpipes Desktop, and/or ITpipes Cloud.
  • Record pipe inspection video direct in standard video format and/or high-definition video format. Format recording file types include standards such as WMV, MPEG 4/2/1 and options for H.264 – best for video streaming over the web.
  • Mobile/CCTV can increase inefficiencies when inspecting storm lines, sewer lines, lateral lines, or performing smoke & dye testing, grout inspection, and cross-bore/gas inspections.

Pipe Inspection – Organization

  • Pre-populate asset lists from GIS before or during inspections to save time and eliminate errors during field data entry!
  • Work assignments can be scheduled from ITpipes Web, Desktop, GIS, or your asset management system.
  • Schedule syncing of completed inspections automatically or perform on-demand.
  • Scheduled syncing over wi-fi, broadband, or hard-wired; saves inspection crew administration time and ensures all inspections, with all detail, make it to the client.
  • Reviewers, back in the office, have immediate access to completed inspections in ITpipes Web, Desktop, GIS, or your asset management system.
  • Client projects store specific settings to eliminate field guesswork.


*PANORAMO is a trademark of IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH & Co KG. Panaramo requires a separate module add-on for ITpipes mobile to function.