ITpipes is MACP 6.0 Certified

Infrastructure Technologies is pleased to announce that ITpipes has received NASSCO MACP 6.0  certification.  

manhole inspection coding systemCharles Prather and Bob Soltysik, working jointly on the certification process, were able to complete certification for ITpipes.  The MACP can be used stand-alone with the ITpipes core license (for manholes) or with the manhole module  as an add-on to the ITpipes core license (for pipes).  This certification includes all of the standard requirements such as data input requirements on header fields and observations, data entry on manhole connections, and import/export functions.

ITpipes includes  options for PACP & MACP modules.  With infrastructure inspections inside ITpipes, this allows users to quickly sort, filter or prioritize by manhole inspection information.  For additional information on MACP see NASSCO’s site or for information on MACP inside ITpipes, contact us at 877-ITpipes.