3-D Laser Moves to the 4th Dimension with ITpipes!

m00389-023+20_newmh_102-300x222Fort Worth Launches Unique, Aggressive Sewer Inspection/Cleaning Program using ITpipes!

FTWWD’s  inspection contract uses the Fly-Eye HD Profiler System developed by Cleanflow Systems in New Zealand.   This contract allows FTWWD to systematically evaluate the condition and estimate the remaining useful life of critical sewer infrastructure.  The incoming information is used to measure levels of corrosion (condition) and debris (capacity). In turn, providing critical data to assess rehabilitation and CIP needs.

I.T.’s CleanFlow Integration Module gives FTWWD access to laser, sonar and HDTV inspection information through ITpipes.  Ace Pipe Cleaning Inc. has the contract for cleaning pipe identified during the inspection process.  White Rock Consultants and sub-consultant Freese and Nichols Inc. were selected to manage the project.  This gives White Rock Consultants and Freese & Nichols the capability to use all ITpipes inspection management capabilities, including  comprehensive reporting on corrosion and debris details.

“Laser data is used to measure and visualize the inside profile of the pipe,” said Rod Thornhill, president of White Rock Consultants. “This identifies pipes with wall loss from corrosion, pipes that are out of round (deflection or deformation), and measures the true inside diameter of the pipe. The sonar measures and profiles the amount of debris below the water flowline and is the primary tool used to select pipes for follow-up cleaning.”

The Cleanflow integration module merges the 3-D laser, sonar and HDTV data, videos, pictures and observations into an existing inspection database as a new type of inspection.   All the pipe material and hydraulic model data is pre-populated into each inspection record using the GIS send module. The modeled wet/dry weather average depth and wet/dry weather maximum depth are incorporated into the dataset for evaluation during the review process.

“The ICAP program,” Gadberry said, “has allowed FTWWD to identify locations of probable failure and replace or rehabilitate the pipe before failure actually occurs. The cost to replace or rehabilitate a large diameter pipe before it collapses is a fraction of the cost to address pipe failure after it occurs. Eliminating SSOs before they occur, avoiding catastrophic environmental impacts, and keeping our large diameter interceptors at their peak designed performance and structurally sound makes ICAP an extremely cost-effective program.”

To read the full article, click here.  To learn more about integrating sonar and laser into ITpipes, call 877-ITpipes.