ITpipes Platform

We are excited to have finished our major ITpipes Platform updates to take further advantage of authoritative inventory sources, improve the capabilities for condition assessment integrating into asset management planning, and provide a more consistent release schedule of optional ITpipes updates and upgrades. For contractors and data collection firms, we’ve outlined key features of this revamp here.

  • The updated platform consumes ESRI GIS web maps, ensuring that your condition assessment information aligns with your asset inventory.  With asset lock-down options, users can easily define processes for new asset control, setup processes for asset inventory updating, basic inspection planning, pipeline rehab and repair, and operations/maintenance activities using map-based tools. The ITpipes SmartTab reporting now dynamically updates maps. With SmartTabs unlimited drill-down filtering and querying capabilities, maps are now automatically color-coded to match your reports, giving visual map updates as you are working! (To learn more, request a login to
  • Integration to asset management systems (AMS) is significantly improved from a usage and deployment perspective. Deployment of ITpipes Web is simplified with a browser based application used for inspection qa/qc, review, reporting and analytics. For ITpipes mobile deployment, sync automatically manages updates, minimizing the need for I.T. to be hands-on with cctv and other inspection equipment. And, configuration of AMS integration is now an internal part of the admin panel inside ITpipes Web, simplifying deployment for all users.
  • This allows for a more consistent release schedule of optional updates to ITpipes and was driven by customer demand for newer features and fast paced partner technology improvements. A major revamp was required to manage partner improvements such as Microsoft requiring OS updates for their end users and new products available in the market such as side-scanning, 4k video recording, acoustic monitoring, electroscan and similar sensory inputs.
  • The majority of the platform update is complete and includes ITpipes Web, Sync, Mobile and Cloud. These core products provide data collection, data management and integration, inspection review, reporting and analytics and secure data management and hosting services.   
  • In addition to the core products, ITpipes has modules for asset management integration to systems such as IPS Infor, Cartegraph, Cityworks, IBM Maximo, Lucity and other systems.

Cori Criss, ITpipes CEO had this to say “This platform update simplifies deployment, is even more closely tied into mapping than previous versions, and provides secure online inspection management. Every user moving to this platform will see benefits quickly.” Click here to request a demo or more information.