November 10, 2020

ITpipes Web Update 11/2020

ESRI has modified how their Web APIs are deployed, this may break map display in your ITpipes Web application. We recommend this update be installed immediately.

Who will need this update?
This error will be encountered by all ITpipes Web users with ESRI maps in use, until the fix has been completed. The fix only needs to be performed once to correct the error for all local users.

How will you know if this update is needed?
When logging into ITpipes Web, the map will not show and all tabs with no information will show on screen. See screenshot (image attached):After pressing F12 to enter developer mode. Select the console tab. The following error should exist in the console: Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined at List:2021

When, Where and Why?
This problem was created by an ESRI update that revises how ITpipes can deploy ESRI Web APIs.

How do we repair the error?
If you have a login to the ITpipes Support Site, this gives you access to Live Chat and this KBA. If you do not have a login to the ITpipes Support Site, please follow these instructions.