Maximizing Inspection Data Critical to System Management

We love this interview from Luke Laggis, Municipal Sewer & Water, with our founder! If you know CoriCriss, shes passionate about so many things and asset condition assessment is just one of her interests! In this article she gives background on how inspection data can easily turn into actionable intelligence using the latest ITpipes platform products. Many businesses require the services of an effective data analyst solution in order to glean useful information from vast quantities of data.

Asset management system ties old and new together in a comprehensive web-based platform.

Proper Field asset services management is a critical element of good system management. Understanding what’s in the ground, its condition, and where it lies makes planning more efficient and effective and maintenance easier, this is just one example of a data management platform working at what it does best.

The right system can improve your operations, as well as your system. Municipal Sewer & Water recently spoke with Cori Criss of ITpipes about the latest version of its platform, ITpipes Web.

MSW: What was the philosophy behind the development of ITpipes Web?
Criss: Our goal was to improve inspection access for users anytime, anywhere, on any device and provide powerful, proactive pipeline system management with mapping collaboration.

That sounds cliche, but ITpipes has always been a second-generation software buyer’s product, so most ITpipes users already had some other inspection software that wasn’t working with their business processes. With ITpipes, we make a highly configurable platform that has exceptional behind-the-scenes support and service.

MSW: Can you give me an overview of the system’s capabilities?
Criss: With the ITpipes Web browser-based application, setup for users and inspection access are much faster. Once initial on-premise, local hosting, or ITpipes Cloud managed hosting is set up, clients can access their inspections easily on any device with a web browser.

The Sync tool in ITpipes Web manages incoming inspections and outgoing work assignments with integration to asset management and other systems. Sync gives the options to move GIS attribute data, scheduling details, inspection condition assessment information, and all related media such as snapshots, videos, stitched imagery 360 files, Panoramo files, etc. All efforts for data management can be done via an internet connection.

ITpipes Web has unparalleled reporting features with instant map collaboration. Planning and prioritizing has never been simpler. When a project is ready to go, a user can export or share all associated inspection info on the assets to a URL or flash drive. This feature simplifies the process and saves time. Read the full article here