Maximizing the Value and Benefit of Your Utility’s Buried Assets

Matt Timberlake of Ted Berry Company, an ITpipes client, recently shared his thoughts on maximizing the value and benefit of your utility’s buried assets. This is a great article with insight and questions to consider for assessment programs and pipe inspections programs.

What pipes need continual inspection and how am I going to pay for it?

These may be the two most common questions I get from municipal utility system operators and managers. Many utility systems consist of miles and miles of pipe running under and through a community — all shapes, sizes and materials are installed at different times throughout history.

To further complicate matters, we often see extremely old pipes (circa 1800s) and find them to still be structurally and operationally sound. However, we also see pipes that are new (brand-new to less than 20 years old) and find them to not be structurally and operationally sound. This causes a basic conundrum: What pipes do we inspect first? Old ones? New ones? Critical ones or pipes of a certain material? It goes on and on.

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