NASSCO 7.0 Lateral Assessment Condition Program Certification

ITpipes is pleased to announce that it has received certification for the NASSCO® Lateral Assessment Certification Program (LACP®), Version 7.0.  After completing, meeting and passing the review and requirements to mitigate inspection inconsistencies in the lateral inspection process, this certification demonstrates that ITpipes meets all requirements for NASSCO LACP inspections. The process for becoming LACP certified

includes review of lateral inspection observation and defect coding criteria, testing for database format exchange, scoring validation for lateral observation ranking and overall lateral asset ranking. This testing, performed by a NASSCO-contracted third-party, performs a full audit on the application and ITpipes passed perfectly.

Charles with several PACP trained inspectors.

NASSCO started certifying inspection software vendors on the new Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP®), Manhole Assessment Certification Program (MACP®), and LACP Version 7 in October 2016.  “ITpipes was the first company formally awarded PACP certification for version 7.0 in October, 2016 and it made sense we would follow with the lateral certification,” said Charles Prather, Customer Service Guru at ITpipes. “The software vendor testing wasn’t available when we started training users on 7.0, so as soon as certification was an option, we wanted to jump on it! As a Trainer myself and having over 20 years’ experience with inspecting pipe, we were excited to include PACP and LACP.”

“With so many government clients sponsoring or mandating lateral replacement programs to reduce infiltration, adding in LACP is of benefit to contractors that use the NASSCO standards,” says Cori Criss, President at ITpipes. “We have several ITpipes staff that work with NASSCO committees to improve the software certification process, the condition assessment programs and training, and overall industry education and I’m glad we have this new 7.0 lateral certification available to complement those efforts.”

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