NASSCO 7.0 Pipeline Assessment Condition Program Certification

ITpipes is pleased to announce we have been awarded NASSCO Certification 7.0 for the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP). Certification for vendors became possible in October of 2016 and we are excited to be the first company NASSCO PACP certified! The NASSCO PACP program has a few major components.

The first component is training. The training is beneficial for operators, inspectors, engineers, contracting supervisory staff, and anyone doing quality control on inspections. The two day class puts a new inspector at the same level as an experienced inspector from the certification standpoint of coding pipeline observations and defects. ITpipes has a NASSCO Certified Trainer, Charles Prather, on staff to provide training. Charles’ field experience and knowledge of compliance systems is extensive, plus he is an amazing, fun trainer!

The second part is pipe observation and overall pipeline ranking.  Each observation or defect identified by an inspector has an automatically assigned severity ranking, for example a hole in pipe may have a level 5 associated, indicating a severe problem.  In addition, after an entire manhole to manhole or pipe length is inspected, the pipe receives several overall ranking. An example of an overall pipe rating is a Quick Structural Rating such as 5142; this 5142 indicates the highest level defect is a 5 and there is 1 level 5 defect and the second highest level defect is a 4 and there are 2 level 4 defects.

Charles and Charlotte Water staff review correct coding of pipe inspections!

The third part of NASSCO PACP is the database exchange format. This format is a standard database format that can come out of any software that is NASSCO PACP certified. ITpipes is version 7 certified. As updates to the NASSCO program are made, rec-certification is not required. We recommend if you are planning to use PACP database exchange that you submit sample files to ITpipes for confirmation of import or export, your sales rep can assist with this.

NASSCO PACP is included within ITpipes certified versions. This does limit functions and features for configuring ITpipes beyond cctv inspections and/or integration to other systems, but ensures you are compliant with the certification.  For more info NASSCO pipe inspection software, contact ITpipes!