March 6, 2019

ITpipes Online Training

Online training is available for your purchased ITpipes Platform products! These classes are in-depth training for each of the products listed below and are an excellent resource for current users.

If you are not using our latest products but want to see how they compare to what you have currently, we are now offering online demos. and you can register for a demo here.

Here is a list of products with a brief description of classes available:

ITpipes Online Training – Mobile


  • Mobile and Sync Setup – Designed for administrators, IT, supervisors, and inspectors. This training covers how to set up the software with truck inspection equipment. Footage calibration, video, overlay,  and logos are just a few of the topics. Sync settings are also covered.
  • Mobile and Sync UsageA “must” for all field operators. It includes data entry, video capture, reports, exporting, filtering, hot buttons, and smart tabs as well as Sync operation and some advanced concepts.

ITpipes Online Training – Web

  • Administration – Typically for the local office admin. This class covers how to setup projects, import maps, user setup, user permissions and server config.
  • Usage – Designed for office users. This class is for anyone processing deliverables, performing inspection review or QA/QC. This training covers sorting and filtering, tabs, printing, editing, exporting and more.

ITpipes Desktop

Retired Applications – Training for these legacy products ended in September, 2021.

Please read.

Sign up for all classes in a single day or split up the classes over multiple days. Fill out a separate form to attend classes on different days. Refresh the page after a successful submission, for a new form.

All class times are in Mountain time, remember to adjust for your time zone. In order to serve all our clients, classes in the AM on Wednesdays are PM classes on Thursdays. You must select a date in order to see the class schedule for that day.

*Each attendee should register, individually, with their own organizational email in order to receive class login instructions. If you have members who wish to attend but they do not have email, enter their name(s) and job title(s) in the Notes section on this form.

*Classes with less than 3 registered attendees may be rescheduled. ITpipes will contact you to schedule an alternate date.

If a class must be postponed for any reason, you will be notified in order to plan for other activities.

You must register no later than three (3) business days prior to the class date.

Emails containing class links and instructions are sent out one day prior to the class date.