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February 17, 2017

Inspection Equipment

ITpipes works with all your inspection equipment to support your hardware and fleet.



Here are a few of the sensor types that ITpipes works with:

  • inclination
  • grout
  • sonar/laser – data import
  • data acquisition devices


Here are a few of the camera types that ITpipes works with:

  • mainline
  • lateral launch
  • push camera
  • digital
  • 360°
  • Panaramo/Ibak®
  • Panaramo SI/Ibak®
  • downhole/well
  • drone

Camera Manufacturers and Controllers

Here are a few of the camera manufacturer companies and controller types that ITpipes works with:

  • Aries: VL 2000, VL3000, VL5000
  • Cues: PDR2K & K2 Summit
  • Decade Engineering: Bob 4
  • Envirosight: see Ipek for older models, Rovver Vision, RovverX
  • Ibak/Rapidview: Ibak BK 3.5, BE 3.5, BS7.0
  • Inuktun: VT300, VT150
  • Ipek: DE03SW, DE07SW, DE07 Color,
  • ITpipes Data Acquisition Controller work with Aries, Cues, RS Technical, Envirosight
  • Pearpoint: P377
  • Pipetech:  PI
  • Power Equipment
  • Rausch: DEKOM 1214
  • RSTechnical Services: XBOB 4 Compatible
  • SubCam
  • WinCan America/Ipek overlay

If you have equipment we haven’t worked with, fill out the contact form for details on setting up connectivity.

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