RJN & City of Wheaton IL – Cleaner Magazine

Software organizes sewer inspections


The City of Wheaton (Ill.) worked with RJN Group, a consulting, engineering and information technology service, to rehabilitate a sewer service area. The project involved televising the mains and dye-flooding adjacent storm sewers. The city needed inspection management software that collected and shared inspection data with RJN and the City’s GIS.


The city chose management asset modules from ITpipes to identify leaking laterals, lateral connections, and flow migration in annular spaces between host pipes and CIPP liners. Expeditious data collection allowed for enhanced evaluation and direct integration with city GIS. Free viewIT software enabled RJN engineering staff to access the inspection information. The program also enables flexible searches and builds reports to assess and catalog information.


The city sewer superintendent configured the software to store information on rehabilitations and planning using SmartTabs reporting tools. As inspection reports arrive, the software categorizes them real-time. 877/487-4737; www.itpipes.com.