Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Using ITpipes – CE News

BG Consultants Inc., Manhattan, KS, was tasked with evaluating the sanitary sewer system in Horton, KS, a town with 2,000 residents, located about 80 miles northwest of Kansas City, KS. The sewer system contained sections that, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, dated from as early as 1915. BG Consultants needed to evaluate the existing system, prioritize necessary improvements, and develop the project documents to rehabilitate the system.

Initially, a closed-circuit television inspection of the entire collection system was performed by Mayer Specialty Services Inc. (according to Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program standards) to classify the size, material, and condition of the sewer main pipe. BG Consultants then surveyed the manhole locations using GPS, conducted manhole inspections, and then evaluated the inspection data utilizing ITpipes software. Rehabilitation methods were then prioritized for approximately 375 manholes and 96,000 linear feet of sewer pipes ranging from 8 inches to 18 inches in diameter.

post1-michaelThe Carlson Hydrology module was used by BG Consultants to efficiently build the entire sanitary sewer collection system. In Phase 1 of the project, approximately 32,000 linear feet of sewer main is scheduled for complete replacement through open trench construction. Tools such as “generate plan and profile sheets” were used to significantly expedite the creation of more than 55 plan and profile drawings, which will accurately define the parameters for this construction activity.

BG Consultants worked closely with programmers and support staff at Carlson to adapt Carlson Hydrology to the needs of this sanitary sewer rehabilitation project. While Carlson is able to perform accurate stormwater flow modeling, it is not fully developed to model average daily wastewater flow rates generated at service tap connections. However, BG Consultants was able to utilize custom sewer network report generation tools within the hydrology module to assist in the hydraulic capacity evaluation of the system.

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