SAWS Evolves with New Technology

San Antonio cuts SSOs by improving its approach to cleaning and maintenance.

SAWS ITpipes implementation isn’t quite complete – but we’re ecstatic to be featured in the front page pic highlighting how SAWS is getting smarter every day!

As part of one of the oldest cities west of the Mississippi River, the San Antonio Water System’s wastewater collections operation has seen a lot of changes over the years.

It started with the water system – a series of irrigation canals dating back to 1720. Those same canals wound up being the first, unofficial sewer system, carrying waste downstream.

A century later in 1836, the aquifer was restricted to supplying drinking water and cooking water, and penalties were imposed for using it for bathing or sewage disposal. Then, an 1866 cholera epidemic prompted the city to reform its water supply and sewer disposal practices.

Construction of the city’s first modern wastewater collections system began in 1895 and was completed in 1900. Today, “we are one of the largest systems in the country,” says Jeff Haby, SAWS vice president of production and wastewater treatment.

A century later, San Antonio is once again rebuilding how it collects its wastewater, with new technology to help do the job better. To read more, click here…