Sewer humor from our CEO, Cori Criss

You could say that we’re flush with pride. Recently, the City of Modesto called in for software support with ITpipes. The I.T. representative calling in, Tim, told our tech that he needs to have a serious talk with whoever created our phone recording. Tim went on to say, and I quote, “Instead of saying Press 1 for excellent support, it needs to say Press 1 for supreme and outstanding” support!” We get these compliments weekly, but I started thinking about what this means downstream.

The jokes come easy but, when it comes to dealing with pipeline systems, you don’t want to spend more time than necessary trying to troubleshoot or fix problems. Dependable equipment, software and properly trained personnel translates to success. If a problem is obvious in a pipeline, it becomes number 1 and number 2 on everyone’s mind immediately!

Here’s how ITpipes helps prevent back-ups, overflows, explosive situations and more!

  1. Inspections made smooth! Once that camera is in a pipe, the real work starts. The inspector needs to get the job done rapidly and thoroughly. The last thing you want is an inspector getting lost in the bowels of a software application. ITpipes Mobile provides an easy to use field application, that automates much of the effort, making the inspection process easy and consistent. An engineer’s review of an ITpipes inspection should easily pass.
  2. An inspection software that goes without interruption! Once the inspector’s initial assessment has passed, the inspection detail has to go somewhere. Ideally, that info would get there as quick and fluid as possible. ITpipes can be used for a one-time inspection deliverable or data dump. The impressive deliverable has an included viewer with comprehensive pipe inspection detail that provides clarity for determining future movement. Future, ongoing activities include scheduling operations or maintenance, planning, and prioritizing. The dump is straight forward and can go into Excel, csv, NASSCO PACP, ESRI GIS or other formats.

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