January 8, 2018

WWETT 2018 with co-sponsor Esri

WWETT 2018 and we are back, bigger and better!

We’ve expanded our booth 2776 because this year we’re bringing friends. Esri is co-sponsoring and offering sessions on Esri Collector as well as info on the entire Esri platform.

ITpipes Staff at Booth

What you’ll see & things to do!
Members from every department at ITpipes will be in attendance as well as Esri staff. We have a larger booth with added classroom area and of course, our ever-popular VIP area for existing clients.

Every year many of our wonderful clients stop by to see the latest and greatest, to ask questions about our newer products or just to say hi. This year we will be showcasing ITpipes web, ITpipes sync, and our new ITpipes mobile/cctv app! We’re excited to announce that we are also offering short classes at our booth which cover several topics! And we have a few contests going on for prizes on-site!

Latest & Greatest

  • ITpipes Web – Your pipelines online! ITpipes web gives users instant access to inspections anytime, anywhere, on any device! Host ITpipes Web on-premise or in the cloud to access your actionable intelligence when and where you need it for powerful decision making.
  • ITpipes Sync – Inspections when and where you want them! Sync automates inspection notifications, data management, and integration to other systems with powerful, configurable capabilities! Going from mobile to office, Web, GIS or AMS, sync gives you inspection access anywhere.
  • ITpipes Mobile/CCTV- Spend more time inspecting and less time organizing.
    ITpipes Mobile gives you fast and easy inspections for improved operator efficiency! Automated tools work with any camera system, use software based text overlay and video encoding.

Short Sessions
ITpipes and Esri both will be offering short sessions on the topics shown below. Attendees that have current Service Agreements* will have access to our knowledgeable staff and our well appointed hospitality VIP area! Complete the form at the bottom of the page to reserve your seat for the classes you wish to attend. You will receive an email confirming your successful registration(s). Class sizes are limited so sign up quickly!

Class Descriptions:

  • Esri Collector Software: Use your smartphone or tablet to collect and update information in the field, whether connected or disconnected.
  • ITpipes Desktop:
    • Part A: Data entry, Hot buttons, import/export, grouping, filtering, and SmartTabs.
    • Part B: GIS tools & deliverables.
  • ITpipes Web:
    • Part A: Basic layout, grouping, sorting, filtering, Smart Tabs, map functions
    • Part B: Downloading data, deliverables, assigning work and more.
  • Sync: Learn about ITpipes sync, basic settings and functions, review workflows, and learn about do-it-yourself configuration options with scripting.

Schedule & RSVP:

Attendees who pre-register for classes may be eligible to apply to their appropriate agencies for continuing education credits! Classes are 30-60 minutes long and may extend themselves based on Q&A.


If you’d like to participate in our contest for the WWETT show please check out “Why I Love ITpipes!” or our Creature Feature contest!

*These sessions are open to attendees that are ITpipes users with active Service Agreements. If you do not have an active Service Agreement or have extenuating circumstances and would like to attend a session, please email techsupport@itpipes.com with detail on your request and info on the sessions you would like to attend.