Sync Inspections

Easy Deliverable Submittals!

ITpipes Sync removes the need for delivering or shipping hard drives, exchanging media, copying/pasting files and save hours of time and effort! Perfect if you’ve just recovered your data via DriveSavers or other services.

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  • No driving, shipping or delivering hard drives to your client!
  • Place deliverables required into a specific folder and Sync-and your deliverables are delivered!
  • Receive timely email confirmation and notification of any inspections rejected for lack of data integrity or basic requirements!*

*Note information and inspection video or media that is synced is only verified as input, not reviewed or approved with the immediate notification.

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  1. Contractor will have one computer system that meets ITpipes requirements and install/setup ITpipes Sync.
    • Note this does require connectivity to the internet for upload purposes from the system that has the completed inspection project.
    • Note the system user must have appropriate rights and admin permissions to install and execute Sync.
  2. If Windows updates, browser updates, permissions issues, etc., are necessary to be adjusted, this is the contractor’s responsibility to perform outside of and before Sync setup.
  3. ITpipes will install and set up ITpipes Sync via remote support session. ITpipes and Contractor will define a designated ITpipes Sync folder on the contractor system. This will require 3 separate online, remote control sessions to ensure Sync is working successfully. Each session can be up to 2 hours.
  4. Contractor will move inspections completed during the week, with all required files, to the designated ITpipes Sync folder on a weekly basis for upload. Files necessary as part of the upload will vary based on the spec, but may include:
    • ITpipes database or compliant database such as SPICAP, PACP, SCREAM or other.
    • All associated media files referenced in the database to include at minimum, snapshots, videos, etc. and named as required.
    • Videos need to be in an H.264 video format
    • PDF reports
    • Ibak Panaramo inspection videos
  5. Contractor will execute Sync manually once a week, on a pre-defined day of the week.
  6. All data uploaded will be subjected to validation and must pass for acceptance and upload. The contractor is required to make any adjustments as needed to get the data uploaded.
  7. Contractor will receive email notification of successful upload or rejection. If the data is rejected, the contractor must determine the reason for rejection and re-upload the data. Please note, it is the contractor’s responsibility to clean up the data if it is not in the required format.

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  • Cable Internet speeds with a hard-line connection or similar connectivity speeds
  • Administration permissions on the pc may be required for setup depending on installation/setup
  • Windows 7 or 10
  • 3.2 Ghz+ Quad-Core CPU
  • 8 GB DDR3 or newer
  • Data storage either internal or connected to PC via USB 3.0

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