Inspection Equipment

ITpipes is hardware agnostic and works already with many different sensory inspection hardware systems. Below are several of the manufacturer’s ITpipes is compatible with.

ITpipes can be provided turn-key from these manufacturers. Typically these companies provide different software, but working close with ITpipes we can ensure the software is fully up and functional on their hardware.

ITpipes works with Ibak 4k Soft Controls including the Mini-lite, Main-lite, Panoramo* Mainline and SI.

ITpipes Mobile works with the Cues PDR2k, Pro-Data, and K2 Summit.

ITpipes works with
Vivax hardware.

ITpipes Mobile works with the Rausch DEKOM1214.

ITpipes Mobile works with Envirosight cameras: Rovver(X) & overlay’s including Ipek DE03SQ, DE07SQ, & DE07 Color.

ITpipes Mobile works with
Subsite Electronic/
RS Technical Services XBOB4.

ITpipes Mobile works with Inuktun’s
VT300 and VT150.

ITpipes Mobile works
with Red Zone mainline
camera systems and Solo*.
*Video must be exported from RZ app.

ITpipes works with Aries
cameras and overlay hardware
including vl3000, vl5000 and
the Pipetech pi.

ITpipes Mobile works with
Proteus Hardware.

ITpipes Mobile works with
P377 and P350 controllers.

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*To utilize Panoramo videos within ITpipes Web, a proprietary dongle is required to be purchased from Ibak. To learn more about it, read our blog post.