ITpipes and CentralSquare Integration

ITpipes and CentralSquare (formerly Lucity) Integration provides benefits that fully and automatically integrate your asset management system with your pipe inspection planning and prioritizing. Learn more about CentralSquare here.

If updating your GIS attribute data with new information takes days or never gets done, check out the ITpipes and CentralSquare Integration. ITpipes tools provide attribute data discrepancy review in seconds.  And preferred updates can be applied in minutes, ensuring your GIS and Infor have the latest up-to-date asset information!  (Only for users with ESRI user permissions for editing.)

Easily manage spatial adjustments by performing the survey, updating the GIS, and adjusting asset IDs.  Information connects between both systems and is available to all users.

Work Order Automation

Create work orders in CentralSquare and the work order automatically is updated to the inspector or crew in the field. Schedulers, planners, and engineers can create work orders based off location mapping or filtered selections using condition assessment detail, and ITpipes sync manages creating the work orders inside CentralSquare.  And, emergency and unplanned inspections are no longer difficult to create work orders after the work is done, ITpipes handles this automatically!

Field Inspections

With ITpipes and CentralSquare Integration. inspectors have a work order assignment available that shows the latest updates and is pre-populated to eliminate operator data entry. And, inspectors can create on-demand (emergency!) inspections that still automatically integrate into CentralSquare, making them available to all users.

Automatic Syncing

Bi-directional, automated integration is at the heart of the ITpipes and CentralSquare (Lucity) integration.  If it’s in ITpipes, it’s in CentralSquare!