September 12, 2020

ITpipes and Cartegraph Integration

When it’s in ITpipes, it’s in Cartegraph.

ITpipes and Cartegraph integration – Inspections when and where you need them.

The ITpipes and Cartegraph integration provides benefits that fully and automatically integrate your asset management system with your pipe inspection planning and prioritizing.

Check out our Feature Expo Video here.

ITpipes and Cartegraph Integration Makes Assigned Work Orders Sync

Work orders assigned in the AMS sync as a pre-populated entry in a to-do list which then displays in ITpipes Mobile.

Complete Inspection Sync.

Complete Inspections in Mobile upload to Web and Cartegraph. The upload can include all asset detail, asset inspection detail as well as observation detail.

Automated OCI in Cartegraph.

Completed inspections in ITpipes have scoring that matches Cartegraph’s OCI of 10-100. This provides the OCI in Cartegraph for completed tasks and planning and budgeting! This gives asset managers the Overall Condition Index info at their fingertips.

Work Stays Organized.

Live in the field, Inspectors can take work assigned to other staff for completion. Sync tracks and finalizes this, uploading and adjusting info automatically inside Cartegraph.

Inspection Access for all Cartegraph Users.

Thanks to the ITpipes and Cartegraph integration, users access inspections when and where they need them. Launch Viewer direct from within Cartegraph. As a result, all Cartegraph users have access to the comprehensive inspection information.

Feature Expo

Check out the ITpipes Feature Expo, highlighting a few of the benefits, like transferring assigned tasks. This feature allows users to transfers task ID, all asset attribute information, and assigned details. With the prepopulated pushed into in ITpipes Mobile, the inspections are completed.

Once the inspection is completed, ITpipes Sync moves the inspection into Cartegraph. The inspection can then be launched from a hyperlink inside of Cartegraph. This gives pipe inspection access to all Cartegraph users.

ITpipes and Cartegraph Integration Feature Expo