Assisted Inspection Coding
Revolutionize quality assurance: Boost inspection volume by up to 60% and elevate defect detection accuracy to an unprecedented 97% using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

Transform your inspection processes with Assisted Inspection Coding

Unlock unparalleled productivity

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to strategically reallocate your team’s focus towards high-impact, value-added tasks.

Save time on QA/QC

Reclaim lost time and streamline your QA/QC processes with unparalleled efficiency, ensuring swift and precise quality assurance like never before.

Train your operators

Empower your operators with cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing their skillsets and efficiency to propel your operations to unprecedented levels of success.

Shift the mindset

With increased inspection volume, get ahead of EPA requirements and take your city to a truly pre-emptive program, moving from a reactive to a proactive mindset.


You send us inspection footage, AIC reviews it

AIC features an unparalleled combination of Artificial Intelligence trained on the largest pipe database in the world along with industry expert’s input to ensure that defects are not missed in your inspection data.

Get actionable reports

Our AIC reports allow you to assess the criticality of each defect and makes rehabilitation recommendations that you can action on instantly in harmony with NASSCO standards.