February 12, 2017

ITpipes Sync

Automated Inspection Data Organization.

ITpipes Sync automatically merges new inspections from the field into the office for streamlined inspection access and reporting! Sync is deployed for agencies with multiple departments, by contractors with multiple projects and clients, and by clients looking to integrate inspections into other systems. With automated management of your underground asset inspections, Sync lets you set it and forget it!

ITpipes Sync Features & Benefits

  • Link all your portable systems or incoming contractor work to a central project. Set Sync to work with multiple inspection databases, such as sewer and storm or manhole and pipeline.
  • Reduce wasted time managing hard drives or other media, that are often physically misplaced, damaged or are disorganized.
  • Comprehensive inspection information is automatically uploaded, when complete, for pipe inspection QA/QC and review.
  • After initial configuration, inspection projects are synced with little to no direct involvement.
  • Audit logs track all project details. Also, Sync sends an email notification if there is an interruption. This reduces clean-up and QC efforts, and ensures your inspections are where you want them, when you want them.
  • Automated email notification keeps communication open.  Configure the system with your preferences and keep your inspection program moving along. For example, send GIS discrepancies to a GIS admin. Send an inspection that logged a severe hole in pipe to a supervisor. Finally, send notification of a line completion to an engineer.
  • Numerous options exist for unique configuration and setup of specific syncing needs for your business processes.

ITpipes Sync Requirements

Sync does require connectivity between systems, for example, CCTV units using ITpipes Mobile may want hard-wired LAN connection, 4G broadband, or wi-fi. Smart devices using Mobility may want 4G broadband.

Locally hosted data requires a server connection.

There’s not much to see, because its all behind the scenes, but we love showing how simple Sync is!

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