December 1, 2019


ITpipes provides data conversion services. This can include converting data from other software into ITpipes, converting files from one format to another, and more.

There is a non-refundable, flat fee charged by ITpipes to create a quote for data conversion services.

The fee for a data conversion quote request covers the cost for ITpipes to review the data to determine actual time needed to perform the conversion, this assessment typically takes a few hours and does not include the data conversion service itself. The deliverable from this data review will be a quote or proposal to have your data converted. If that quote is provided to you and approved, data will be placed into a queue to be converted.

Request a Quote – 2 Steps

Step 1: To submit your sample data, please upload the data here, this form does allow uploading of up to 5 GB. If your files are larger, please sign up for, dropbox, or send us a link through another method.

*Note submitting a request for quote guarantees that ITpipes will review the data to determine feasibility of converting the data and if applicable provide a quote for converting the data.

Step 2: Submit the form below and you will receive an invoice for $500 within 2 business days. Your order will be started when payment is finalized.

Thanks so much!